A look back on 2019,

What a year, first a trip to Sydney to give my statement to the Senate inquiry into Thalidomide in Australia, Thalidomide survivors continue to wait for the Government to act on those findings of the bipartisan senate inquiry. I hope one day the Australian Government cares enough to help those it helped create.

I did achieve my goal of speaking with over 10,000 students this year, even after a major health scare in F.N.Q. early in the year meant I had to cancel over a week of school visits and return home for medical care. Some 9 months on and it does not look like I will fully recover- Thanks Thalidomide.

The year 2019 involved visiting 43 schools in 2 states with some 74 presentations to 10 461 students, teaching staff and parents and not forgetting 9 community groups with 477 people attending.

I did manage to sneak on TV to talk about my art, thank you Studio 10

This year 2020, I already have numerous bookings to visit schools. Although, my failing health means no more long road trips away visiting schools.

Below is a word art with all the school areas I visited.

***********************************************************************Motivational speaking Schools and community Groups

This is to advise everyone I am not taking any more, school bookings for this year as my schedule is full.

Thanks Trish


My public speaking started when a friend of mine asked if I would come and speak to her grade 7 students doing a project on inspirational people. More school talks eventuated after the initial talk and I found that I was enjoying interacting with the children and they were taking something away from my talks. I now travel all over Queensland visiting schools, medical organisations and other groups. My talks are about my life and how I have survived and coped with negativity and having to live in a very confronting body image.

Here is an article that my local paper ran on me..

See some news about my recent school visits.

Upcoming visits:
Welcome to 2019, hope all the teachers and students have a great year.

Booking are filling up fast, So far I have 14 schools booked so far and 4 community groups booked. It looks like it will be another busy year for me.

Please contact me if you would like me to visit.

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