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Minimbah school with Mark Ryan MP.

This week I spoke to the grade 6’s at Minimbah State school. I was honoured to have up on the stage with me Mark Ryan MP.  Mark showed us what a good sport he is, by participating in trying to write with his feet like I do. In my talks I usually get the students to have a go at writing with their feet, it is great fun.


minimbahss 4 (Small)

Mark writing with his feet

minimbahss5 (Small)

I was trying to help Mark by holding the paper still.



This is what Mark wrote “Thanks Trish”. A great effort by Mark but had he been secretly practicing?

Ingham State High School


Thank you card from Ingham State School.

I really enjoyed my talk at this school and was honoured that they asked me to judge their photographic competition that they had running.

I must say I was totally impressed with the quality of the photographs that the students had taken. Choosing a first, second and third was a very difficult task. There is some awesome talent coming through from this school..

Feedback from Sarina State High School

Hi Trish,

Thank you so much for yesterday! It was great! Here’s a little review for you guys to use as you please! Good luck with the rest of your tip!

Trish’s story is captivating and inspirational. The students were thoroughly engaged. It’s a great experience and gives the students some wonderful perspective about their lives. Drawing with their feet was also a huge hit even with the big kids!


Teacher and Head of Year 12

Sarina State High School

Feedback from Ayr State High School.


I just wanted to thank you both for coming to share your time with us at Ayr High.

In a world where students are used to being told what to do and how to do it, your story is appealing because it is a life story of overcoming challenges, and many young people feel they are facing challenges. It was clear from the comments I heard between students as they walked out that they had been impacted by what they heard.

Your key messages are really on point for young people. The message of pursuing our goals and dreams despite adversity and barriers is never more real than when said by someone who has lived their life that way. I think the inspiration that follows is that it all of us can face our challenges and never give-up. You are a living walking example of why we all need to appreciate and accept difference. It is often those differences that create opportunities for our strengths.

I wish you all the best as you continue to travel and speak. I’m sure others will be inspired by you as our students were.


Warmest thanks,


Andrew Ballin

Head of Senior School & Student Services

Ayr State High School


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