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Shailer Park State School.

How lucky am I? Very lucky. I had the pleasure of going back to speak at Shailer Park State school for the second time.
These were my gifts.
A certificate
And a thank you note from each of the students who listened to me. That was a total of 90 notes that I came home with, I have been sitting reading each one this afternoon.. each note will be kept as I treasure them, it makes the effort it takes for me and Trevor to do this, all worthwhile.

Letter from grade 5 & 6 students.

This is one of the letters that I have scanned that was sent to me from the year 5/6 students from St Joseph’s school in Bardon. I have removed their names and just left their initial on this photo, all these letters though will be placed in a book for me to keep forever… ??

My visit to Senior Citizens in Stanthorpe, Qld

Some lovely feedback…. ???

“Yesterday the 15th May we had the privilege of a visit from Trish at our Senior Citizens rooms here in Stanthorpe…… Listening to her story is inspirational. The obstacles both emotional and physical she has had to overcome is miraculous but with her determination not to let her ‘disability’ define who she is she inspires children and adults alike.
She is an incredible Artist, an incredible Speaker and most of all an incredible human being.
To her Mother I would like to say ‘thank you’ for raising such an incredible child who has grown up in to a warm , loving, empathetic and accepting adult……….. Trish makes the world a safer place for others with physical obstacles to overcome……… Thank you Trish and of course Trevor for your tireless work and dedication to educate children and adults alike to the constant battles and obstacles that people with disabilities face……..hopefully that education will bring change however small and that it will continue to send out positive ripple effects to everyone . An act of kindness that I know that everyone at Senior Citizens will be passing on…..bless you.” — Brenda

A little country school in NSW.

I had the pleasure of visiting and talking to a tiny country school, Mt Hunter, in NSW, it has only around 38 students. When I arrived I was greeted with a chorus of “Hello Trish” with lots of smiles beaming at me. I was then shown to one of their classrooms where in the windows hung drawings the children had drawn with their interpretations of some of my artwork. This brought me so many emotions that tears welled up in my eyes, as they say ‘imitation is the greatest form of flattery’. This is a short video of the window with all the artwork the children from prep to grade 6 did for me.

I love doing these talks and while the children get something out of listening to them and my health allows me, I will continue..


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