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Toowoomba region

‘I CAN’ is the motto we should all live by!

Trish Jackson is an amazing inspiration for Year 5M and other upper school classes at Newtown State School.  Born with no arms she has learnt to do everything with her legs including some lovely art she chose to share with students.  Trish told us that when she walks down the street people call her mean names, which she has learnt to overcome during her life where everything has been tough and done differently.

Trish encouraged the students to give everything their best especially when it’s tough.  The art she shared allowed the students to draw lovely Australian animals and scenes.

‘We know we can- ‘cause Trish has proven that to us!’ said one 5M student.

By the teacher of 5M

Feedback from St. Joseph’s Catholic School, Barcaldine

Thank you to St. Joseph’s school for allowing me to use this feedback and photos from my visit to their school.

On Wednesday we had a visit from Trish Jackson who is a motivational speaker. Trish was born with no arms but that has not stopped her from achieving great things in her life. You can find out more about Trish by visiting her website:

Trish spoke to all of the students as part of our buddy activities in rotations, which was very good timing as we have been doing some work around resilience during these sessions. Trish had lots of valuable messages for us. She showed us photos to demonstrate how she goes about daily activities and even hobbies such as fishing. Trish took the time to write every child’s name using her feet as a keepsake for us. After the talk, we reflected on what we took from the talk and each student came up with a goal that they are going to try really hard to work on over the next week. I thought I would share them with you so that you can provide your child with some gentle encouragement!

Our goals:

Matilda – Don’t give up

Bryce  – I will try my hardest

Ben – I will treat others the way I want to be treated

Tim – I will try my hardest in everything

Korbin – I will help people

Reuben – I will never give up and try my hardest

Mia – I will think positively instead of negatively

Bryson – I will never give up

Riley – I won’t laugh at people even if they are different to me

Enzo – I will never give up even if I don’t think I will make it

Cooper – Don’t give up

Joseph – I will show pride and confidence in what I’m doing

Edith – I will put my best effort into maths

Sarah – I will always have a go

Roko – I will try my best because if I do I will succeed

Beau – I will treat people kindly even if they are different

Emma – I won’t judge people by what they look like

Brayden – Don’t give up

Sol – I will help people when they fall over

Reannon – I will always try my hardest

Bryce – I will help other people tidy up

Ellie – I won’t judge people by how they look


Trip to country schools, Queensland.

Last week saw me travel to a little school, who asked me to speak to them in Winton Queensland. During the week I spoke to 5 schools on my journey with over 300 students all up. The trip was long and hard on my body and I am paying the price for it, the simple thing of lifting my leg to clean my teeth in a hotel room that had a very high bench height has done enormous damage to my hips and it will be a few weeks of intense physiotherapy to get my hips back into their normal pain levels, instead of the accelerated pain that I am having now. In saying that, the trip was absolutely worthwhile, the kids were wonderful, engaging and asked great questions. I have posted below some feedback from one of the schools I went to and will post the others as I receive them. I just want to say thank you to the schools for having me and for allowing me to post the feedback and the photos, it is very much appreciated.


St. Patrick’s Catholic School, Winton.

Trish Jackson, a motivational speaker, spoke with our students this morning. Trish is a Thalidomide survivor and has learnt how to live life to its fullest with the use of her feet and mouth. She shared some of her life lessons with the students today. I believe these messages are so important, especially when you hear about the lack of resilience in youth these days. In the last week both ‘The Footy Show’ and ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ have made mention of the need to support vulnerable youth. Thank you Trish, you may have saved lives today with these inspiring words:
“Give everything a go.”
“Be happy with who and what you are and continue to move forward.”
“It’s about what we have in life and making the most of it.”
“Your only limit is you – make sure you try everything!”
“Even if you are having a bad day, find and focus on the positive!”

Feedback from Nobby state school, Queensland

Extract from Nobby’ school’s newsletter. Thank you Nobby for having me at your school and for allowing me to use these photos on my website.

All of the students were asked to say one word to describe you. I have attached the Wordle that was created using those words (the larger the word, the more times it has been said.

Feedback from Brigalow State School, Queensland

I found myself in a little town called Brigalow, where I spoke to a lovely little country school, the students ranged from prep to grade 6.

The students were delightful, attentive, and had a go at writing with their feet for me. The students told me about their town and also were very good ambassadors to tell me about the Chinchilla Melon Fest that was happening on the weekend, they were so excited.


Trish and Trevor,

Can not thank you enough for your presentation and talk today.  The kids were absolutely engaged and I am sure that your story of giving anything a go and finding a way around obstacles will be one we can revisit often when they are encountering difficulties in their own lives.


I have paid a lot of money for motivational speakers to visit our school, and yours was well and truly above those.  Very personal and with photos and activities the kids could relate to.  Thankyou!




Trudi Eather


Brigalow State School

Students asking questions during my slide show.

Students comparing their hands aginst Matty Bowen’s and my handprint.


QCWA – Stanthorpe.

Newspaper article promoting my visit to the QCWA in Stanthorpe. I had a wonderful morning with the ladies, if you are travelling through Stanthorpe make sure you drop in and say hello to them. Stanthorpe 0816 (Medium)

Toowoomba Rotaract group

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with the Toowoomba Rotaract group. It was a lot of fun.

Some of their feedback was: Thanks so much Trish for showing us that we can do anything we put our minds to, no matter what anyone else says! The feedback has all been positive. You truly inspired our club and showed us what resilience and gratitude is!  You gave everyone a lot to think about and really inspired all of us. 🙂


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