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Trip to country schools, Queensland.

Last week saw me travel to a little school, who asked me to speak to them in Winton Queensland. During the week I spoke to 5 schools on my journey with over 300 students all up. The trip was long and hard on my body and I am paying the price for it, the simple thing of lifting my leg to clean my teeth in a hotel room that had a very high bench height has done enormous damage to my hips and it will be a few weeks of intense physiotherapy to get my hips back into their normal pain levels, instead of the accelerated pain that I am having now. In saying that, the trip was absolutely worthwhile, the kids were wonderful, engaging and asked great questions. I have posted below some feedback from one of the schools I went to and will post the others as I receive them. I just want to say thank you to the schools for having me and for allowing me to post the feedback and the photos, it is very much appreciated.


St. Patrick’s Catholic School, Winton.

Trish Jackson, a motivational speaker, spoke with our students this morning. Trish is a Thalidomide survivor and has learnt how to live life to its fullest with the use of her feet and mouth. She shared some of her life lessons with the students today. I believe these messages are so important, especially when you hear about the lack of resilience in youth these days. In the last week both ‘The Footy Show’ and ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ have made mention of the need to support vulnerable youth. Thank you Trish, you may have saved lives today with these inspiring words:
“Give everything a go.”
“Be happy with who and what you are and continue to move forward.”
“It’s about what we have in life and making the most of it.”
“Your only limit is you – make sure you try everything!”
“Even if you are having a bad day, find and focus on the positive!”

my latest school visit, spoke to grades 3, 4 & 5’s.

My beautiful cards and pencils I received after my talk yesterday. This was the feedback from one of the beautiful teachers there..

Thank so much for today. The kids couldn’t stop talking about you and didn’t want to leave at the end. The other teachers had so much praise for how wonderful your presentation was. We couldn’t get over how involved they were. I wish my kids were that interested in listening to me, haha. Thanks again, you certainly have a talent for sharing your message.

Teachers do an amazing job and don’t get enough credit for what they do..15027868_1240938849261648_8792170644901555833_n

Ingham State High School


Thank you card from Ingham State School.

I really enjoyed my talk at this school and was honoured that they asked me to judge their photographic competition that they had running.

I must say I was totally impressed with the quality of the photographs that the students had taken. Choosing a first, second and third was a very difficult task. There is some awesome talent coming through from this school..

Samford Valley Steiner School – testimony

All of our staff & students were inspired to hear Trish’s story. She presented it with facts and humour.  You can see that she had to overcome many obstacles, and she did overcome them with such strength, and in fact every day she still needs to overcome obstacles as she goes through life in constant pain.

I was left feeling touched by her story and in awe of her inner strength.

Thank you Trish for educating our students in so many areas, educational as well as personal.

Your story stayed with us all for a long time.


Administraion Officer Samford Valley High School


Mercedes Logan

Enrolments Officer and High School Administrator, Samford Valley Steiner School

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