• “I can” is my new motto after hearing Trish’s story of diversity.  Trish was very interactive and open with the students and no question was unanswered.  A very worthwhile speaker.


  • I thought Trish’s talk on Thursday was inspirational and she aimed it at a level suited to the little ones also. She showed them

photos and videos which helped them to understand how she copes with daily tasks in her life.  They were so amazed at the drawings that Trish does

and the photos that she takes.  The length of the presentation was just right for the P-2 year levels.  We went back to the classroom and the Preps

shared their ideas on what Trish had told them and also about how everyone needs to give things a try and not give up.



  • Regarding the guest speaker yesterday, I could say that children in my class were very interested in what Trish had to say and amazed at what she can do. I thought Trish came across as a warm and encouraging person with a good message for children.