It had a good, human appeal. She talked like she knew us and was comfortable with sharing her story

She spoke and presented in a more casual and relaxed way which allowed her to connect with her audience a bit more and it made her presentation more interactive. Her powerpoint gave us many examples of what happens in her life and what she has achieved which really captured the audience and made the presentation really interesting.


Trish spoke to us in a relaxed manner and really from the heart. I enjoyed that she did this and did not just read off a piece of paper which I felt I had a personal connection with her. I loved her powerpoint; it put her presentation on a whole other level. Overall, I truly loved the fact that it was her telling us her story and she was open and honest with us. I loved listening to her. She is an extremely inspirational person; one I will never forget.


Trish spoke with so much confidence and the presentation inspired so many of us and talked to us like she has known us all along and was happy to tell us two amazing stories about her childhood which were funny.



Trish’s presentation was very inspiration and I believe, had a connection with her audience. She was quite comfortable in communicating with us and that meant that she was relaxed. She was very interesting and confident in her presentation and spoke with ease and with her heart. Trish, is a very inspiration woman and helped us understand what we all have so many things that we should be grateful for.

Trish’s presentation to us was very inspirational, and wonderful. Unlike any other speaker, she didn’t use palm cards or read off a sheet of paper which created a connection between her and the audience. The powerpoint was beautiful, along with the pictures, they were great! I loved her personal stories and how she overcame her challenges in life, she is truly inspirational. We learnt so much from Trish, especially how to be more resilient and accepting ourselves for who we are already.
Trish’s presentation was very inspirational and made me not take things for granted, and to always try my hardest at everything. She had created a connection with the audience as she told very interesting and funny stories, and in all she is truly inspirational.
Trish’s presentation was truly inspirational to all and very funny. She spoke from the heart and with great ease. She taught me to not take thing for granted and live life to the full. The stories she told along the way were funny and showed a very personal experience. She spoke of her life in a very personal level making it inspirational and unique from other presentations we have seen in the past. Trish is a truly inspirational, very funny and loving person.
Trish’s presentation was told by the heart and was very touching. I found her stories that she shared to be truly inspirational and gave me an insight into how lucky we are and how fortunate we all need to be. The hardships that Trish shared with us made me think twice about how i perceive things and that you must drive yourself to be better than what people limit you to be. The presentation was spoken on a personal level which helped to create a connection with the audience and truly engaged everyone. The powerpoint gave more insight into what Trish gets up to on a daily basis and images of her family and from when she was younger made it more interactivel. In the end, I understood more about not letting hardships get the better of you and accepting ourselves for who we are. Trish is a very inspirational woman and I am grateful for the time she spent talking to us about what she has gone through and no matter what to always keep your head high and move forward and push beyond the boundaries no matter our ability.
Other then Trish’s amazing, natural and definitely inspiring way of presenting to us, I felt as though she was very confident and assertive when sharing her personal and ongoing difficulties she is put through everyday. I knew life without arms would be difficult but Trish definitely put it into perspective as she had to learn to do a lot things we do with our arms, with her feet! As she said her arms were not the only thing interfering with her life as she also had a heart condition, which made a few more everyday exercises strenuous, this even included walking a short distance. But here she was today doing the things everyone said she was never going to be able to do, this made me realise how capable people without a heart condition or no arms are even when they are still complaining about doing simple tasks. The presentation itself was very engaging because its not everyday we get to hear about someone’s personal life experience without arms and a heart condition, and we were interested in discovering how life would be in other circumstances. Obviously Trish’s aim is to show us how we can overcome hardship and still do whatever we want to do with our lives and she certainly changed my outlook on how we should be living our lives.
Trish was an inspirational women, she inspired me and many other people who listened to her . She overcame challenges that could seem impossible in our eyes, she’s a true inspiration and it’s so lovely to hear from.
Trish is such an amazing, brave and inspirational women. Hearing her speak really changed my perspective on life. The things that I constantly take granted for, she isn’t even able to have. It was very interesting to hear her amazing journey and how to she came to cope with life challenges.
Trish is truly inspiring not to mention very cool. I really enjoyed listen to her stories and learning how her childhood was and how she overcame her struggles
Trish was such an inspirational person. She was confident in expressing her story and taught us to be comfortable with ourselves and focus of the positives rather than the negatives in life.
Trish was an amazing inspirational speaker, her way of talking, you could tell it was from the heart, it was very touching. She seemed so confident about herself, and talks about here disability as a gift. Showing us her a different way of life. I could just listen to her childhood stories for hours. She is someone i would want to be friends with, i hope she can come back to the school next year and talk with us again.
Trish was such an inspirational speaker. She was confident in explaining her story and taught us to be comfortable with ourselves and focus of the positives rather than the negatives in life.